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 MightySpirits: Welcome to the Mighty Spirits; the home of all things mighty and great. We embody all elements of kindness, dedication, and above all...a kick ass team made of powerful players!! We are brawlers sustained by will power! Even when mocked as reckless and crazy. If there's a wall in our way then we smash it down. If there isn't a path then we carve one ourselves. The magma of our souls burn with the mighty flame!! Just who in the hell do you think we are!? As long as we stand united, there is nothing impossible for the MIGHTY SPIRITS! So stay mighty everyone. If you reach for the moon you can't follow the stars! Kick logic out and do the impossible! Have fun my mighty soilders, and always fight for your dreams...

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Goals: Our main objective is to make the leaderboards and stay on top. Once we've made it through, the first task is over and we are victorious. We hope to make an impact on all those in the world of Lunia and any other video game world YOU want to claim. It's yours for the taking. It's either now or never, because our lives won't last forever. Yet, if we kick and scream and fight like hell, our spirits will. Our true and main goal, is to keep that fighting spirit MIGHTY!!

Layout: Nothing is set in stone here. You can have whatever pages you want, call them what you want, and add whatever widgets you want to them. Widgets are specific to the page they're on, so if you want a shout box on one page, but not on another, it's no problem at all. Just Mail me the particular change and i'll make it happen. Your leader is just that freakin' awesome!!

Getting Members Here: Piece of cake. Give them the URL to this site and let them know to apply. By default, the application process is single-click and painless (you can add application questions later on, if you like). If you have e-mail addresses of your guild members, however, head to your Control Panel and click Member Management (over on the left), and then click E-Mail Invites.

Thank you for Joining the Mighty Spirits! For additional information, check our Frequently Asked Questions, Videos and the Admin Community, where other guild leaders using GuildPortal hang out.  If you need help, we're only a support ticket away!
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

yamatoshippuden, Apr 3, 11 5:31 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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